NIVA – Ticket Disclaimer

This ticket is a revocable license and may be taken up and admission refused upon refunding the

purchase price appearing hereon and is grounds for seizure and cancellation without

compensation. Holder of this ticket (“Holder”) voluntarily assumes all risks and danger

incidental to the game or event for which this ticket is issued whether occurring prior to, during,

or after same, including, but not limited to, contracting, and/or spreading the COVID-19 virus,

and agrees that the organization, venue, presenter, agents, participants, or players are not

responsible or liable for any injuries, sickness, or death resulting from such causes. Holder

acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic remains a threat to individual and public health,

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease transmitted through human contact and respiratory

droplets (including through the air and via common surfaces) and it is possible that Holder may

contract COVID-19 while at the game or event for which this ticket is issued. Holder agrees by

use of this ticket not to transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, picture, or

reproduction of the game or event to which this ticket is issued. Breach of the foregoing will

automatically terminate this license. Holder agrees that the license comprised by this ticket may

be removed and Holder may be ejected from the game or event for which this ticket is issued in

the event that Holder violates any law, ordinance, or venue regulation. Holder grants permission

to the organization sponsoring the game or event for which this ticket is issued to utilize Holder’s

image or likeness in connection with any video or other transmission or reproduction of the event

to which this ticket relates.