Afropunk Ticket Terms and Conditions

This ticket is a revocable license that grants the holder of this ticket (“Holder”) entry into the event grounds for the AFROPUNK festival event specified on this ticket (the “Event”).  Afropunk Worldwide LLC (“Afropunk”) has the sole discretion to refuse (or withdraw) admission or eject Holder.


The artists, date, and time of the Event are subject to change by Afropunk in its sole discretion, and such change will not entitle Holder to any refund or any other remedy.  If Holder is refused admission or the Event is cancelled and not rescheduled, his/her/their sole remedy is a refund of the face value of this ticket.  Afropunk’s liability for any breach of any term of this ticket will not exceed the ticket’s face value.  AFROPUNK WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY AMOUNT PAID TO A THIRD PARTY IN EXCESS OF THE TICKET’S FACE VALUE.


Upon entry into the Event, Holder’s belongings may be searched and prohibited items may be confiscated.  Holder must comply with Afropunk’s security policies.  Holder consents to such searches and waives any claims against Afropunk, its affiliates, or its agents arising from or relating to such searches.  If Holder elects not to consent to these searches or comply with these security policies, Holder acknowledges that Afropunk has the right to deny Holder entry.  No refund or other remedy will be provided if Holder is ejected or refused entry due to disorderly conduct or failure to comply with these ticket terms or any security policies prior to or following entry.


Holder agrees that by tendering this ticket and entering the Event, he/she (and to the extent permitted by law, any accompanying minor) agrees to the following terms, conditions, and waivers:

  1. Holder assumes all risks incidental to the Event, including the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property or personal injury of any kind and hereby waives any and all claims or potential claims arising from such risks, damage or injuries.
  2. Holder may not transmit (or aid in transmitting) any photographs, images, videos, livestreams or other accounts or descriptions (whether via text, data or visual) in any media of all or any part of the Event.  Transmission or other distribution by, to, or for any commercial enterprise, and any public performance or display, are also strictly prohibited.  At the risk of confiscation, Holder may not bring – or have in his/her/their possession – at the Event venue, any professional photography-, film-, drone-, sound- and/or other recording equipment of any nature, fireworks, animals, weapons and/or dangerous objects. Any Holder who breaches this prohibition may moreover be refused entry or further access without any right to a refund of the amount of the ticket, or may be removed from the Event. Confiscated items will not be returned.
  3. Holder agrees that, by causing this ticket to be scanned upon entry to the Event, he/she/they will have granted Afropunk an exclusive, worldwide, sub-licensable, royalty-free license to all copyrights associated with the Event.
  4. Holder grants to Afropunk and its designees the irrevocable permission to use his/her/their voice, image, and/or likeness in all media now or hereafter existing in connection with any part of the Event, for any purpose whatsoever, including the commercial purposes of Afropunk, its respective sponsors, licensees, advertisers, and/or media partners, without further permission or compensation and hereby waives any and all claims or potential claims relating to such use.
  5. Holder may not use this ticket to enter the Event to engage in any advertising, promotion or any other commercial purpose, without Afropunk’s express written consent.
  6. Any dispute related to these ticket terms and conditions will be subject to binding arbitration.